lecture: Beyond LAMP

Components of a Real-World Web Applikation


Real-World Web Applications run on more than code, a webserver and a database. This language-agnostic talk gives you an overview of the moving parts of a typical web app, like task queues, fulltext search engines, log services and automated deployment.

Shortly after your web application becomes more complex than a Hello World example, you realize that some problems are not meant to be solved with a simple LAMP stack. Sending emails blocks your webserver. Those LIKE queries on your search page slow down your database server and return abysmal results anyway. Your production code is littered with print statements and you still can't find the cause of that 500. And once you have a handful of servers, FTPing code to production gets old, too.

This talk will show you solutions to problems you will probably encounter at some point as your web application matures. You will learn about task queues like Sidekiq and Celery, full text search engines like Solr and Elastic Search, log services like Sentry and various deployment mechanisms. While examples will be in Python, Ruby and PHP, the concepts presented in this talk can be applied to web applications written in any language.


Day: 2013-08-24
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS5
Track: Web Development
Language: en


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