lecture: Raspberry Pi meets Asterisk and PHP

Professional phone services for everybody!


Learn how to use Raspberry Pi with Asterisk and program your own web telephone applications interacting with Asterisk - not just on the Raspberry Pi, but also on your web server. Functions like web conference, click to call in PHP and call-back services are covered.

The presentation will include the following points. I will focus very much on the practical configuration and programming. It will also cover live presentation of the system and their features.

1. Asterisk and Raspberry Pi for call-based automation
1.1. What's a Raspberry Pi with an Asterisk?
1.2. Basic Asterisk config for your home (just a quick overview)
1.3. How to save - not just - on international calls
1.4. Scripting: Why use SSH when you can use DTMF?

2. Professional use of Asterisk with PHP
2.1. Why every (PHP-driven) website needs Asterisk
2.2. Click to call: connecting two phone lines with a click
2.3. Web-based phone conferencing system: this is how it works
2.4. Dynamic voice: web content over the phone

3. Talking security
3.1. Things you could (maybe) do, but maybe should not
3.2. anonymous GSM Gateways
3.3. anonymous call-routing
3.4. fake-number calling