lecture: Graph Upward - Automating Web Performance Optimization


Optimal load times are essential for a great user experience and thus your site's success. Yet optimizing web performance itself can become very time consuming. Learn how to automate web performance monitoring and optimization to keep your site fast and resilient.

Users can only interact swiftly with sites if they load in less than 1.3 seconds. If a site takes more than 3.5 seconds to load, its bounce rate rises above 50%. After 6.5 seconds of load time, more than half of all users abandon the site forever.

These key timings, aggregated by analyzing the Alexa Top 2000 websites over time, clearly show the need to continuously deliver exceptional performance to all users. Yet developers struggle to maintain load times as a site matures.

We will explore ways to measure and continiously monitor website load times to enhance the user experience and conversions. Then we will explore web performance optimization best practices and learn how to automate them, starting with areas of optimization yielding the highest ROI.

Measuring as much as possible with properly defined metrics and making development decisions based on actual data will change your DevOps culture as well as the entire company's culture over time, leading to a greatly enhanced user experience.

By the end of the talk you will know:
- which tools and metrics to use to measure and analyze page load time
- what you can do to improve the overall web performance of a website
- how to automate the web performance monitoring and optimization process