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lecture: Pull Requests: Not Just For Code Anymore


Many companies have copied the fork-and-pull-request model from open source because it works so well, even for closed-source projects. So why are company processes and policies written in isolation with no collaboration? I'll present New Relic's implementation of an open-source-inspired workflow that drives all of our internal company processes.

What if, instead of 8AM Monday e-mails from on high announcing a new policy change, everyone got a chance to collaborate freely on proposed changes - without meetings? What if all aspects of a company's internal processes and culture, from hiring policies to technical architecture to code reviews to expense reporting, were not only clearly documented, but openly editable? What if every single employee in a company could effect sweeping change in how the company did business, just by a simple pull request?

The open-source community writes software this way, and has proven it can work. At New Relic, we've ditched laborious process meetings and long-running e-mail chains in favor of Github Pages and pull requests. In this talk, I'll explain how we've made this work and show you the tools and “meta-process” we use to pull it off. I'll also share our results and lessons learned, and maybe even inspire you to start a similar revolution at your company.


Day: 2015-08-22
Start time: 11:15
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS 8
Track: Culture
Language: en



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