froscon2007 - 0.96

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Sebastian Kügler
Tag 2
Raum HS5
Beginn 11:15
Dauer 01:00
ID 20
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Free Software in Education
Sprache englisch


Bringing Free Software into Highschools

CodeYard ( is a unique project that brings techniques and tools of Free Software development into dutch Highschools. The project started two years ago at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands and is run by a couple of people dedicated to Free Software.

CodeYard provides infrastructure, localised documentation and expertise for teachers and students to counterbalance Microsoft taking over the educational sector. CodeYard has grown into a lively community of students that collaborate in an open way. CodeYard's aim is to expose students and teachers to the techniques of Open Source software development, mainly online collaboration, usage of techniques but also mindshare in Free Software culture. Awareness of issues around intellectual property and how to deal with it is another important aspect of the project.

The talk will outline CodeYard's concept and show how the community is worked. Some insight in creating and running a community will also be given.