froscon2007 - 0.96

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Balazs Dianiska
Tag 2
Raum HS6
Beginn 10:00
Dauer 01:00
ID 55
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Drupal
Sprache englisch

Drupal as a graphics platform

Implementing graphic API into Drupal with built-in SVG support

Drupal is well known as one of the most dynamically developed content management systems (CMS). As proof of this the organization has received 20 student slots from the Google Summer of Code 2007 program. Within this program I am creating a brand new drawing API for Drupal, enabling developers to display information in graphic form (e.g. graphs) easily. In the proposed talk I am planning to outline the structure of the API, how developers can exploit its potential features, and what these potential features could be.

To represent certain types of information the best way to go is using graphics. These cases are typically when one has to display numeric information, when visual comparison is easier than doing the math. Statistical data are a good example, everyone has seen google analytics. The Drawing API in Drupal will help the developers in providing the shapes in a Form API-like way. My talk about the API itself will focus on the following topics:

  • Multi-object handling (canvas),
  • Transformation (rotate, skew, resize),
  • Pre-defined shapes,
  • the SVG toolkit.
I hope to be able to demonstrate several usages by then, such as graph plotting, and SVG theming on a live site. This project is sponsored by Google Inc., I work under supervision of Simon Hobbs and Gerhard Killesreiter.