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Lecture: Snabb: fast software networking made simple

A high-performance software toolkit for packet networking written in a high-level language

Snabb is a software toolkit for networking in userspace (also known as kernel-bypass mode). This talk will introduce the project, and explain how Snabb can be used to write high performance SDN applications without touching a single line of C code.

Snabb applications, as well as Snabb itself, are written in the high-level programming language Lua, and yet compete with DPDK in terms of performance. With simple design, we hope to make high-speed, software defined packet processing accessible to a wider audience. This talk will showcase what people do with Snabb, and how you can use Snabb to solve your own packet processing problems.


Day: 2019-08-10
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS4
Track: Software Defined Anything
Language: en




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