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lecture: Minix3 - going from educational showcase to day-to-day productive use


The talk makes a proposal, how to transform an educational-based operating system towards a mature and reliable day to day operating system.

The open source operating system Minix3 was developed for educational
use by Andrew S. Tanenbaum. With the main focus on teaching and
education, the operating system clearly shows how slim a micro
kernel can be. The road from an implementation that is easy-to-use
for teaching towards a productive use system seems to be to drill
down all those components needed for supporting heterogenous
hardware while not mandatory for making the minimal system run. Our
aim is to highlight some of those most important components which
are needed to have Minix3 easier rolled out in the day-to-day
productive use world. On evaluating the code base and favoring the
micro kernel principles, we had some insights and additional
concepts to give the micro kernel concept a higher level or
production readiness which we like to discuss here.