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lecture: Towards a server-less Web

Interconnecting Web browsers using WebRTC


A new communication framework has entered the Web Platform - WebRTC. Using the WebRTC protocols and APIs allows for a whole new paradigm of Web Application development, especially P2P apps that communicate with each other without a central server. In this talk I will dive into the possibilities of implementing a reliable, server-less P2P infrastructure for applications and data sharing.

The talk provides a short overview over WebRTC and then dives deep into the details of Web-based P2P applications. I will talk about my experiences over the last two years of implementing a generic P2P framework and JavaScript library. This library allows developers to build their own server-less applications on top of a reliable infrastructure provided by the framework. I will also talk about some ideas for advancing the framework and implementing the vision of a server-less Web. Some questions I will talk about are:

* What are the requirements of server-less P2P applications?
* What does WebRTC provide in order to fulfill these requirements?
* How are server-less applications (running in Web browsers) interconnected and what are the problems?
* How is content addressed and transferred between peers?
* How does content lookup work without a central server?