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lecture: Why favour Icinga over Nagios?

How we think enterprise-grade open source monitoring works


We try to explain some of the problems Nagios has had for years, what the differences to Icinga are, and how Icinga 2 can ease up monitoring in small, as well as really big environments.

Most sysadmins have a love-hate relationship with Nagios based monitoring solutions. Backed by a sizable community, users have learned to live with it’s shortcomings in scaling, configuration, and modern integration options.

Taking advantage of the tremendous number of supported hard- and software, Icinga leaves all legacy limitations behind. It delivers an easily
scalable solution, with clustering, load balancing, automated replication,
and even business process monitoring out-of-the-box. Based on a new
configuration format with advanced language features - like conditional
processing and complex type support - monitoring agile environments works like a breeze. Existing modules for Puppet, Chef and Ansible ramp up the rollout time and ensure a continuous and up to date monitoring environment.

The talk will demonstrate how popular tools such as Graphite, Logstash, or Graylog integrate better and easier than ever before. In addition to that we’ll introduce the new Icinga Web 2 interface and give a brief
introduction into the technical architecture.