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Speaker: Nuno Brito


Master of Software Engineering from CMU, former Software Product Coordinator in the European Space Agency, Open Source Compliance Engineer.

I write software and I think about the future all the time. So when writing my code, the last I thing I'd like to see happening is that it gets lost or forgotten. When writing code in open source and sharing, perhaps with some wild luck other people might find the code useful for their own purposes and ensure something good lives on.

These are the reasons why I enjoy sharing my code, the reason why I think that we can work great when contributing to a common code base, rather than keeping everything closed.

I'm a fan of Java and processing files. Love the beauty behind well-optimized code that gets things done. I lived in an island for a long time of my life. Looking back in those days, nothing better than going outside for a coffee, a laptop and enjoy the weather. Actually, I'm looking forward to do that again. :-)