lecture: Testing a LiveCD? Igor is doing it.

or: How to make testing a distribution fun.


You will be facing different challenges when you try to test a distribution, compared to testing a single software component. This talk is about what challenges appear when testing a distribution, and how to address them.

The trouble with testing a LiveCD (like oVirt Node) or any other distribution is, that a host is needed before it can be tested. Normally it should not only be tested on one, but on several different hosts (bare-metal or virtual, with SAN or local storage, ...).
Testing is a boring, time consuming, and an error prone part of the development process, which would profit from any kind of test automation.
Igor is a tool which was made for this prupose, for testing an OS.
We'll take a look at how Igor integrates into an existing continuous integration pipeline, consisting of Gerrit and Jenkins.
More light will also be shed on how Igor takes care of your host's lifecycle, how it runs or installs the LiveCD, and initiates tests.

Tags: continous integration, gerrit, jenkins, igor, distribution, development, fedora, ovirt-node