froscon06 1.02

FrOSCon 2006
Free and Open Source Software Conference

Uriel Pereira
Day 1
Location HS4
Start time 12:00
Duration 01:00
ID 14
Type Lecture
Track Operating Systems
Language english

Plan 9 from Open Source

Past, present and future of the Plan 9 operating system

Following the development of Plan 9, starting with the reasons for it's conception, looking at the various concepts and innovation introduced during it's 17 years of life and ending with what Plan 9 has to offer today and areas for further research.

Plan 9 was started in 1985 by the original Unix developers at Bell Labs as an effort to build a new system designed for modern computing environments and that overcame the limitations of Unix. Since then Plan 9 has seen four major Editions introducing many new ideas to deal with both old and new problems.

Plan 9 was released under an Open Source/Free Software some years ago, opening up the existing academic/research community of Plan 9 users and developers to an influx of opensource developers.

Will look what Plan 9 has to offer today, it's user interface innovations and its elegant development tools; and see which of its ideas other systems could benefit from and some of the projects that are pursuing them: the v9fs 9P implementation for Linux and Plan 9 from User Space port of Plan 9 utilities to Unix systems.

To end with what the future could hold and areas for further research.