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Lecture: Linux System Tools for PHP Performance Analysis and Debugging

How to use Linux System tooling, like perf and strace to debug your PHP code, find performance issues, and look deeper into what's going on than userland tools allow you to.

For modern PHP applications, performance and correctness can be understood using a plethora of tools.
From XHProf and Xdebug to DataDog, Tideways, or Blackfire, many solutions exist to inspect, profile, and understand userland code.

But what if those solutions don't give you the answers you seek?
Your tracing tooling of choice told you that your code hangs in curl_exec, but what now?
You can see in your callgraphs that a file_get_conents takes a lot longer than you expected, but what now?
How can we understand what's happening inside PHP extensions or native function calls?

Linux offers a variety of tools to inspect our code further and understand what's happening. We will look at perf, strace, LD_PRELOAD, procfs, and other tools that allow us to get a finer graned understanding of bugs or performance problems.


Day: 2023-08-05
Start time: 17:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: PHP (C116)

Language: en


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