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Speaker: larsborn

I am a Mathematician. Computers where always close to my heart.

I graduated with a Diploma in Mathematics at the university of Bonn in 2013. My thesis proves an - at that time - novel upper bound for the decision problem of quadratic form equivalence in the field of Algebraic Complexity Theory.

Since high school, I am a self-employed developer and decided to joined a small web-development agency in Bonn after I finished graduation. In 2015, I joined the Cyber Threat Intelligence team at CrowdStrike as a full-time reverse engineer and software developer. There, we track both state-sponsored espionage actors as well as financially motivated groups carrying out criminal operations.

In 2020, I decided to pick up a cliché pandemic hobby and started a podcast together with my former college Christian Dietrich. Its title is "Armchair Investigators - Ein Dialog über Malware, Cybercrime, und Cyberspionage" and it's entirely in German. The target audience is not restricted to technically incline people and our goal is to bring "cyber" closer to the people.