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Workshop: Einführung in LaTeX

In this workshop I lead total LaTeX beginners through the first steps.

Those first steps include simple document structures, beamer presentations, math formulas, tables, including and/or generating graphics, including references etc. I develop the examples step by step so that you can follow and typeset them on your machine -- so you need to have at least 2 screens or computers, one to follow me and one to type in your own documents.
Half of the time is reserved for your questions. From my experience, workshop participants are often interested in solving special problems, so feel free to bring them into the workshop, as long as they are also something for beginners and not too advanced. (Even if you have advanced questions, you can get help from me AFTER the scheduled end of the workshop). The workshop will be held in German, but if needed, I also can switch to English.


Day: 2021-08-21
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 02:00
Room: Workshop

Language: de



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