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Lecture: Eliminating the database bottleneck for proper horizontal scalability

Using embeddable databases to allow true and simple horizontal scaling

When working in cloud or micro service environments one of the main advantages is the promise of horizontal scalability to handle usage and load spikes. In reality this is often hindered by the persistence technologies we use. I want to show an approach that saves money, RAM and our nerves ;)

Using technologies like SQLite or BoltDB may often be associated with single-device usecases or developer tooling, but in this talk i want to show how we can leverage the simplicity of those technologies to allow for true horizontal scaling of our applications.

I will explain architectural benefits, discuss up- and downsides and i will finish with some experiences from real world applications in production.


Day: 2020-08-23
Start time: 17:30
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS 1/2
Track: Clouds on the horizon - What happens when there's no space left in the cloud
Language: en



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