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Workshop: Unmute: A Practical Guide to Improving Remote Meetings

Have you ever been in a remote meeting and felt uncomfortable with the silence or maybe just one person was speaking with blank faces staring back? Have you ever facilitated a remote session where it seemed that people were too hesitant to speak up?

Join us in this workshop to develop practical skills to enable healthy and effective remote collaboration.

Remote work is no longer a new or novel approach for companies. Both fully and partially distributed companies are reporting numerous benefits (including access to global talent and increased productivity). However, with this rising trend, there is increased pressure for people and teams to find new ways of collaborating while spread across the globe. Online meetings remain one of the most common pain points of remote work. Some managers remain concerned that teams cannot be as effective working remotely as those in collocated spaces.

We will explore remote meeting challenges, deep dive into 2 cornerstone principles that enable remote collaboration and share some practical methods to build off these principles. Instead of focusing on tools, we will share tool agnostic approaches that can be adapted to whatever you have available.

We want to change the thinking that remote team collaboration in meetings is challenging. Together we will develop your practical remote facilitation skills that will enable more effective remote collaboration, regardless of the role you play in your team.


Day: 2020-08-22
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 01:15
Room: Workshop
Track: Working (together) in spite of Corona - Lessons learned on the journey to working from home
Language: en



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