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Speaker: Katarina Bubli Behrens

Katarina Behrens (aka Bubli) is one of LibreOffice core developers.

She got involved with free and open-source software more than a decade ago, contributing l10n to Debian project. Employed by SUSE later, she worked on YaST, openSUSE's installation and configuration tool and in 2010, she became a member of SUSE LireOffice team.

After a brief intermezzo in computer security business, she was hired by CIB (a German company delivering document management systems) in 2015 to work on LibreOffice full-time again. Apart from squashing LibreOffice bugs that disturb CIB customers' good night's sleep, she engages in mentoring (Google Summer of Code) and finds seeing her mentees succeed to be an ultimately rewarding experience.