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Lecture: Master Data Management with Pimcore

Almost every PHP project needs some kind of backend UI. As a developer, your options are to build one from scratch, use scaffolding or modify an existing CMS or specialized (product) information management system. This is cumbersome, time consuming and/or results in sub-par performing interfaces. The Open Source (GPL) Pimcore Master Data Management platform is based on Symfony and has been specifically designed to handle even the most complex data structures. Its generic platform is easy to use and fast to extend. In addition, Pimcore contains full featured CMS, CRM, e-Commerce and Web2Print functionalities enabling you to build powerful frontends for your data, too. This introductory talk gives an overview over the platform's features and how to use it for your own projects (Live Demo!).


Day: 2018-08-25
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 00:45
Room: C118

Language: en



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