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Speaker: Christian Esken

Software architect at trivago, specialized in Java concurrency, scalability and caching. Celebrating 20 years of open-source contributions, starting 1996 in the KDE project.

I am a software architect and developer from Germany. The first computer I remember seeing was an Commodore 64. It was a pathbreaking experience to program its 8-bit 6502 CPU machine code. I see limited resources as a challenge instead of a obstruction since then.

I started the KDE multimedia group, doing my first C++ applications. I have stepped back a bit, but am still maintaining the volume control KMix.

After earning my degree in computer science, I moved 1999 on to the Java world. Classically starting with JEE, I am nowadays specialized in concurrency and high-performance computing, in the JVM (Java concurrency) and outside like NoSQL (Cassandra, Redis). Here I loop back to the start of my computing experience, as some parts have not changed since the 8-bit days:Limited resources are still a problem, being it CPU, or memory. Proper memory management is one of many regular topics in my current role as software Architect at trivago, working on its hotel meta search engine.