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Lecture: gpg4libre - OpenPGP signing & encryption in LibreOffice

Transparently and securely use your existing keys to sign and encrypt ODF documents, using public key cryptography

Come to hear how we implemented transparent gpg/openpgp support for LibreOffice ODF document signing and encryption.

Some of you might be familiar with a lesser-known feature of
LibreOffice/OpenOffice-lineage suite of applications: signing of both
ODF and OOXML documents with X.509 certificates. In an increasingly
digitized world of document exchange, this is an interesting feature
whose widespread usage is hampered by the fact that not many people
have personal X.509 keys and that this is not a peer-to-peer system.

The usage of OpenPGP/GPG keys -- if available on user's system --
addresses this problem in a nice way. Our goal was to transparently
integrate LibreOffice with existing OpenPGP/GPG key management and
cryptography solutions (such as Kleopatra, KGpg or GPA), and
specifically make sure all private key operations are handled outside
LibreOffice process - for our and crypto-nerds' peace of mind.

This talk will take you on a little journey through our implementation
work, including but not limited to:

  • architecture overview

  • demo of the new features

  • details of ODF and XMLSec markup, and what sort of extensions we needed

  • all of that spiced up with some anecdotes and war stories about porting
    stubborn autoconf projects and navigating the landscapes of standards &


Day: 2017-08-20
Start time: 15:15
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS 4
Track: Development
Language: en




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