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Lecture: SPICE: New ways to remote desktops with GStreamer integration

In this presentation we will be talking about SPICE project and its goal to provide a complete open source solution for remote access to virtual machines. It will be described how SPICE works and the recent improvements over video streaming.

The SPICE protocol recently got support for advanced video encoders such as h264 and VP8 through GStreamer integration.

This introduces a significant impact on the performance as both host and client can use hardware encoding/decoding for video streams. Also, a different set of clients welcomes these changes as this video codecs are heavily used in different platforms.

In the presentation we will

  • Provide comparison of the different encoders

  • Show tooling for accessing virtual and bare metal remote machines

  • Present a set of clients for different platforms including Raspberry Pi, Android and HTML5


Day: 2017-08-19
Start time: 17:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS 3
Track: other
Language: en



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