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Lecture: The little bot that wasn't

An operator's apology

The talk is about an operator’s view of his profession, an apology rather, in the sense of being an apology that G.H. Hardy wrote about, in his book A Mathematician’s Apology.

At my first job as a system administrator, I tried to explore the narrative of an operator as a human-computer interaction, as a bot ( This was over 5 years ago. I wanted the bot to give me alerts, tickets and other important information as I walked in the office everyday. Around the same time Github had written hubot, and recently OReilly held a Bot day conference. And now, there is a dedicated track in FrOSCon on bots. In this spirit, partly a self reflective narrative and partly an apology, the talk is about what it means to be an operator today.


Day: 2017-08-20
Start time: 17:45
Duration: 00:45
Room: HS 3
Track: Cooexisting with Bots
Language: en



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