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Lecture: User Session Recording for the Enterprise

An Open-Source Effort by Red Hat

A presentation on an effort to implement Linux User Session Recording for the Enterprise using new and existing open-source software.

Now, when many IT-related services are delegated to external parties, government, medical, financial, and other organizations need tight tracking of what users and administrators do on their critical systems. Up to recording everything they see on the screen, the commands they execute, and files they access.

In this presentation Nikolai Kondrashov will review available solutions for user session recording, open-source and otherwise, their benefits and shortcomings, and will present a new effort to create an integrated Open-Source solution.

While there are many capable solutions for session recording, which can centrally collect, search and playback sessions, there is no such open-source code. The best we have is jump servers with script(1), or sudo I/O logging, all manually set up. This presentation will show an approach that would meet the needs of the modern enterprise.

The presentation will include a demo of a user session and accompanying data being recorded, stored centrally, inspected and played back.

The intended audience is developers of security, identity and policy management systems, as well as system administrators and security officers responsible for maintaining critical systems and preventing insider attacks.


Day: 2017-08-19
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS 8
Track: Security
Language: en




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