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lecture: Voctomix

Full-Stack OpenSource HD-Capable Live-Video-Mixer

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In 2014 the C3VOC decided, that it wanted to substitute DVSwitch as a Live-Video-Mixer Software with a HD-Capable solution. Two years later, the FrOSCon 2016 will be produced with Voctomix, our own Live-Video-Mixer System.

Up until early 2016, the C3VOC used DVSwitch to do live Video-Mixing on Conferences, but DVSwitch only supports SD Video. In 2014 it became apart that we really wanted a HD Capable solution which should be easily understand- and extensible and that would fit the C3VOCs as close as possible. With mighty libraries like gstreamer at hand, this shouldn't be to hard, should it?

In the Talk I'll give a brief overview of the C3VOCs usual Setup and Voctomix' place it in. Next I'll give a quick introduction into GStreamer pipelines. I'll then take you an a tour through the Architecture and some of the more interesting corners of the Design and why things are built the way they are -- and where some of the traps for young players are when working with GStreamer. I'll finally give a very short view into the future and to which groups are planning to use Voctomix for their Setups.

I'll show the above topics with lots of Images and short Video-Clips. You'll see Voctomix in Action and Pictures of the Hardware it runs on.


Day: 2016-08-20
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: Saal 3

Language: en



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