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Speaker: Hanneli Tavante


Hanneli (@hannelita) is a developer addicted to code, learn new programming languages, blow capacitors, do some C programming and commit useful (or not) code for random Open Source Projects that she finds at Github. She likes Math, Lego, dogs, hardware and Coffee.

I am a human trying to make software and hardware. I also like Math, Physics and General science.
During my free times I try to attend cool and new conferences to learn new and fresh topics to feed my mind. One of the best points of a conference is sharing knowledge. I've been trying sharing cool topics too! That's why I host three meetups in Sao Paulo - one about Neo4j, one about Cassandra (all OSS projects) and one crazy meetup about Math, Science and Physics.
Besides conferences and meetup, I enjoy spending sometime learning about how to motivate people, reading topics about education (at least in Brazil, science and Math are really hated by students, and we could revert all this hate into applications!) and doing some research on crazy topics (How to apply NoSQL on unexpected scenarios and so).

I also like dogs! And coffee. And Lego. :)