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lecture: Cloud Storage Encryption with Cryptomator

Cryptomator is a multi-platform, client-side encryption application for your Dropbox, Google Drive, and all the others


Cryptomator is the first ever open source application specifically developed to transparently encrypt files before they are sync'ed with your personal cloud storage space.

The number of free cloud storage services has increased dramatically over the last years. Great for personal backups, right? No?

We, H-BRS students ourselves, decided that the cloud isn't trustworthy enough for our sensitive data. So we googled for encryption software but didn't find anything suitable:

Besides several commercial applications, there are a lot of open source encryption apps out there. But so far none of them have been developed with synchronization needs of cloud storage providers and end-user friendly usability in mind.

So we decided - out of our own needs - to start such a project. Today we are happy to present the purely community-driven open source project Cryptomator to all the people, who would like to use the cloud but have not trusted the providers.