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workshop: Clojure Kickstart Workshop

Getting started with Clojure


We help you find your way into software development with Clojure. Please bring your own notebook and make sure Java >= 1.6 is properly installed!

Most people with a background in static imperative OO programming face initial difficulties in getting started with a dynamic Lisp-style functional language like Clojure. Which is sad because programming in Clojure is a great experience!

The first hurdle is setting up a decent development environment that lets you enjoy the interactive nature of Clojure.
The next step would be to have a toy project. It should do significantly more than print Hello World, and it must have a direct connection to everyday programming tasks.
And finally, novices should get a well-chosen list of hints and links to continue learning on their own.
The three things listed above are exactly what we try to accomplish in a 3-hour workshop. Don't expect having mastered the language afterwards, but you can expect to be well-prepared for learning Clojure and deep-dive into it's ecosystem.


Day: 2014-08-24
Start time: 15:30
Duration: 03:15
Room: Wordpress/quasiconf 2014(Lisp) (C130)
Track: LISP Devroom
Language: de



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