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lecture: Open Source Management

Strategies for communication with open source projects in companies


The use of open source in enterprises is common, even in Germany. In many companies the imported source is being changed, bugfixed, made compatible with whatever or otherwise changed.

What can enterprises do to prevent internal forks, a second OpenSSL or other deasters?

Companies are using open source, changing it or contribute otherwise. This can take many forms, leading to company internal forks of software, public neglect of ubiquitous projects such as OpenSSL or Busybox, a variety of patches that are badly integrated into an upstream as in MySQL, or a wrestling for dominance in projects such as Hadoop and Openstack.

With the aftermath of OpenSSL's heartbleed and with an eye towards MySQL, Hadoop and Openstack - what are possible policies and strategies with import of Open Source into enterprises, what are possible export and contribution policies, what are viable strategies and stances that small and midsize companies and large enterprises can have with respect to Open Source interaction?


Day: 2014-08-23
Start time: 12:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS1
Track: Culture
Language: en



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