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lecture: How to make Guacamole, an Object Document Mapper


Building a core library for modern web development is a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility. I want to share my experience I made so far building an ODM for the multi-purpose NoSQL database ArangoDB.

ArangoDB is a multi-purpose NoSQL database. It has a whole bunch of features, like a sophisticated query language and full-fledged transactions. Its multi-purpose nature makes it interesting for different use cases. Only problem: No one wants to work with a database on the driver level anymore these days. The Ruby ODM (Object Document Mapper) library Guacamole was created to enable application developers to use the features of ArangoDB in way they know from other abstract libraries. This talk will present the design decisions behind Guacamole and give some insights into the obstacles we encountered while building it.


Day: 2014-08-24
Start time: 16:15
Duration: 00:40
Room: RedFrogConf (C118)
Track: RedFrogConf (Ruby)
Language: en



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