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lecture: Writing native PHP extensions using PHP-CPP


PHP-CPP is a new open source C++ library that makes writing native extensions for PHP extremely simple. In this talk you will see how much faster C++ code is compared to PHP, and how easy it is to use PHP-CPP for porting your algorithms from PHP to C++.

Traditionally, writing native PHP extensions required deep knowledge of the Zend engine, and was much more difficult than writing regular user space PHP scripts. With the introduction of the PHP-CPP library, this distinction has gone: it now is just as easy to write object oriented and well structured native C++ code, and combine this native code with functions and classes from PHP pages.

Based on examples ranging from a simple 'Hello world' application to full object oriented frameworks using classes, interfaces, lambda functions and exception handling you will see how you can give a massive performance boost to your algorithms, with straight forward looking code that is almost similar to the code you once wrote in PHP.

In this talk, the PHP-CPP library will also be compared to other emerging technologies like HHVM, Hack and Zephir: what are the advantages of using C++, and in which situations is it better to stick to PHP? And when does it make sense to switch to new languages like Hack and Zephir, considering that using C++ is just as simple?


Day: 2014-08-23
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS6 (PHP)
Track: PHP Devroom
Language: en



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