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lecture: JRuby, a Pi and some Java Database


Learn about using native Java from JRuby, to build a mobile app on the Raspberry Pi using Couchbase Mobile as the database.

JRuby is a great way to use native Java libraries and get around the project overhead of Java, but how do you actually use Java from JRuby? This talk explores building a JRuby application, backed by the portable Java version of Couchbase Mobile.

While JRuby is build to interface with Java, when calling out to JVM land there are all those little hurdles to overcome. Handling Strings correctly, using native Collection types, and interfacing with libraries which expect those native types instead of the ones provided by JRuby, and last but not least Implementing native interfaces to pass around.

Oh and by the way all of this runs on a little Raspberry Pi!


Day: 2014-08-24
Start time: 11:30
Duration: 00:40
Room: RedFrogConf (C118)
Track: RedFrogConf (Ruby)
Language: en



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