Speaker: Bradley C. Kuszmaul


Dr. Bradley C. Kuszmaul is a founder and Chief Architect at Tokutek
and is a Research Scientist in the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Bradley’s research focuses on developing computer systems and hardware
that behave well both in practice and in theory. His entry won 5 out
of 6 categories in Jim Gray’s 2007 "sorting benchmark contest"
(http://sortbenchmark.org), sorting a terabyte in 197 seconds (he
still holds the world record for sorting a terabyte since they retired
that category in 2009). He formerly architected Akamai’s distributed
data collection system, was a Yale Professor of Computer Science and
was a principal network architect for the Thinking Machines Connection
Machine CM-5 supercomputer. He was one of the developers of the MIT
Cilk multithreaded programming system (and now Cilk appears both in
gcc and in icc, the Intel compiler). He wrote, in Cilk, winning
entries for 4 out of 12 of problems in the 2009 Intel Threading
Challenge. His most recent research investigates cache-oblivious data
structures for maintaining indexes on SSD and disk.