Speaker: Axel Beckert


Axel Beckert studied Computer Science at the University of Saarland, works as Senior System Administrator at ETH Zurich and is an active Debian Developer.

Axel Beckert (Master of Computer Science, born 1975) studied Computer Science with minor Biology at the University of Saarland. Despite a master thesis in Artifical Intelligence, he always had a faible for networks, especially the world wide web, and Unix. Since 1995 he worked with different Unix derivatives and defenestrated his last Windows just a few years later. From 2002 to 2006 he worked as software developer with focus on web applications and accessibility at the Embperl forge ECOS. Since 2006 he works as Senior System Administrator of Linux and FreeBSD servers at the Dept. of Physics at ETH Zurich. He's a member of the Debian and FreeWRT distributions as well as with some other Open Source projects like Blosxom or Conkeror. Besides that he's board member of the Linux User Group Switzerland and co-moderator of the Swiss radio show and podcast Hackerfunk.