Speaker: Thilo Fromm


Thilo is an Embedded Systems engineer with 12 years of background in Embedded Linux. He is founder of the HidaV FOSS project which aims to deliver an SDK and firmware support FOSS style, developed out in the open, for an upcoming product line.

Thilo has been working in Embedded Linux since 2001. Starting off with Intel's StrongARM CPUs he mostly programmed, extended and fixed device driver and platform integration parts of the Linux kernel. Over the years Thilo also worked at the user space's plumbing level. In 2007 he made first contact with OpenEmbedded but didn't actively use it in projects until 2009.

Recently Thilo founded the HidaV FOSS project, which leverages the fine integration work of OpenEmbedded and adds some concepts on its own. This enables HidaV to provide SDK, Firmware, and FOSS style development support to third parties for their embedded platform.