Lightning talk: Lightning Talks


Lightning talks are given by _you_, 4-5 minutes to talk about your awesome project, weird issues, systems, concepts or some made-up technique. You could also give an idea about your main talk, invite people for your workshop or tell them about your barbecuing skills. The only restriction is: be fast. Five minutes is all you get!


The moderator introduces the speaker while putting their slide deck on the beamer.
The speaker takes the mic from the previous speaker and begins after a very short applause! The speaker calls SLIDE when they want their deck to advance.
Countdown starts at 4:50, no extra time!

Submit your proposal in an e-mail to:
Please include ALL of the following information to get your talk accepted as quickly as possible:
Language DE (Deutsch, German) / EN (English) / Other
Title What is your presentation called? (12 Words or Less)
Slides Please submit slides OR a background graphic with your contact information in PDF format.
Keywords (Optional, but helpful.)
Abstract What are you talking about or presenting? (300 Words or Less)
Links/Other Anything else you would like people to see
Questions? Send an email to


Day: 2012-08-26
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 01:45
Room: B118/Certifications
Track: other
Language: english



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