Workshop: Presenting for Geeks


In their enthusiasm for their topic, geeks tend to make basic mistakes in their presentation, which prevent them from connecting with their audience and evoke the same enthusiasm in them. This workshop explains how to connect to your audience and teaches best practices to help them remember the core points of your presentation.

So you're a geek and you're going to do a presentation about a topic that's close to your heart. You're very enthusiastic about it. You want to tell your audience everything about it. But somehow, even though your presentation covers every detail, it fails to evoke the same sort of enthusiasm in your audience. Why is that?

Have you ever been in this situation?

In this workshop, we're going to discuss some of the basic mistakes that geeks tend to make when preparing a presentation and why it causes a disconnect with your audience.

You are going to learn about a few simple methods and rules that will help you better adapt your presentation for your audience and help them remember your core points. You are also going to see how and why these techniques work.

Topics discussed include the preparation (focus on your audience's needs and expectations), some brief tips on slide design (avoiding bullet point overload), and general tips on the act of presenting (connecting and interacting with your audience).

This 2-hour workshop (with a 15 minute break) includes exercises. You should bring the willingness to learn and something to write. A laptop is not required.


Day: 2012-08-26
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: C115/Workshops
Track: other
Language: english



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