Workshop: Puppet for dummies

Managing infrastructure as a developer


Puppet is a configuration management tool which allows easy deployment and configuration ranging from one to a thousand servers (and even more). Even though puppet is a common tool in the devops-world, it is still a strange piece of software for developers. I will tell you on why it will be useful to learn more about How does it work and what can it do for you as a developer?

We will be discussing / working with:
- An introduction into puppet
- Setting up your puppet master / clients through virtual instances
- Dealing with vagrant
- Setting up your manifests
- Dealing with 3rd party modules
- External Node Configurations (ENC)
- Controlling through MCollective


Day: 2012-08-25
Start time: 15:15
Duration: 03:00
Room: C115/Workshops
Track: Systemadministration
Language: english



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