Lecture: REST in practice


How to deal with the practical side of creating a RESTful API.

So you've read the dissertation from Roy Fielding. You've seen the slides on slideshare. You know everything that you need to know about hateoas and you even know where the term "nein! nein! nein!" comes from. So now it's time to deploy REST into your new API and turns out: it's not as easy as it looks. How do we let someone login? How do we search through collections? And how do we do asynchronous operations? How do we send emails from your API? It's very tempting to fall back to what you know and sooner than later your REST interface is back to a XML-RPC or similar. This talk is not about telling you what REST is: it's about putting REST concepts in practice.


Day: 2012-08-25
Start time: 11:15
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS4
Track: Web
Language: english



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