Lecture: Mistakes were made

What free and open source can learn from teachers


Ever have everything just go wrong? Sometimes things go horribly wrong. This talk is about those times. And, how free and open source software developers can do better -- by learning how to teach.

Ever have a code release go horribly wrong? Have a routine system upgrade turn into 12 hours of downtime? Had to field angry phone calls from engineers, customers and your boss?

Sometimes things go horribly wrong. This talk is about those times.

Free and open source software is one of the few place in the world where people can make mistakes, transparently, and then correct them. And this is expected.

We also have an agenda: share with the world how great it is to work on software our way. Because, seriously, it’s pretty awesome.

But we don’t have nearly enough people joining us. There’s a question we could be answering: how many new people are contributing to our projects?

Our work is considered so mysterious, so difficult and so out-of-reach. That mythology serves the interests of proprietary software and discourages people from contributing.

A way we can measurably make this better is by teaching. Not every developer has to learn how to teach well. But every developer should know what teaching actually is.


Day: 2012-08-26
Start time: 12:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS1/2
Track: Development
Language: english




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