Lecture: Synchronous multi-master clusters with MySQL: an introduction to Galera


How to improve reliability, performance and usability of your MySQL High-Availability with Galera clustering.

MySQL high-availability has usually been an exercise in tradeoffs: You can choose asynchronous replication and risk losing committed transactions on a failure. You can choose disk based (DRBD, SAN) replication for better durability but longer failover downtime. And in all cases you will end up taking a performance hit to achieve HA, not to mention the swearing due to inconsistent slave and other operational headaches. Galera replication, developed by Helsinki based Codership Oy, has finally raised the bar for MySQL HA: You will learn how Galera brings synchronous, true multi-master and high performance (parallel slaves) replication to MySQL. And you will see it's even easy to use.


Day: 2012-08-25
Start time: 17:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: C120/Databases
Track: Databases
Language: english


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