Lecture: conquering the mobile web

leverage standard technologies - gain extraordinary results


"I need/want a mobile application for task XYZ. Should I go native, hybrid or pure web?" That's a question many developers have faced in the last year. Some time ago the obvious way was nearly always to go native. Native applications for iOS, Android or Blackberry did offer the best user experience. This is changing thanks to efforts by browser vendors and standards bodies. "Web first" is the new black - I'll show you why.

When thinking about developing mobile apps most people - not just developers - first think of native apps for iOS, Android or the likes. It's a logical first idea to go native and publish an app in the vendor's proprietary app store - at the same time giving up many rights and possibilities.

But what if there's another way of distributing your mobile application? One that's more appealing not only to friends of Free Software but to everyone who wants to stay in control of her development effort and perhaps revenue stream.

The web and it's defining standards like HTTP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS offer all this to you. The latest efforts of browser vendors in advancing said standards enables developers to build web applications which offer native user experiences, including stuff like device sensors, mobile communication (think WebSMS), gestures and even app stores.

I'll demonstrate the many possibilities you already have with modern mobile browsers and why following an approach of web first will pay out in the long run.


Day: 2012-08-26
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS3
Track: Web
Language: english



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