Speaker: Oliver Burger


Linux user for about twelve years now, Starting (as most Germans did) with SuSE, then moving on to Mandrake, Mandriva and now Mageia.
Joined the Mageia project at day 1 in September 2010

In private I'm using Linux since about 12 years now, starting (as most Germans did) with SuSE, moving on to Linux Mandrake after a few years.
I stayed on using Mandriva Linux and I am a packager and moderator for the German mandrivauser.de community.
When the Mageia project was announced in September 2010, I joined it instantly (having suffered enough by Mandriva S.A.).
Momentarily I am member of the Mageia packager team as well as substitute leader of the Mageia i18n and web teams.
Professionally I'm developing web based applications at a small company developing mainly OpenSource based webgis systems (studying applied informatics at the DHBW - university of cooperative education of Baden-W├╝rttemberg).