Lecture: Drupal - breaching our way in.


In this talk I will take you through what Drupal exactly is, what it can do, and how we set up a quick working website.

The name Drupal may ring a bell, whether it is because the origin of it lies in neighbor Belgium, because of it's massive
amount of contributors or because it powers more and more websites around the world every day.

In this talk Richard will take you through what Drupal exactly is, what it can do (through some nifty visuals), the common pitfalls
of first time users and through a live demonstration what you need to do to build a drupal site from scratch and avoid
those nasty mistakes we all make when we start out on our own with a new toy.

We start with a short introduction about what Drupal is and what it can mean to you, the developer, the designer or the content manager, after that
we move onwards through some stunning visuals and some big name dropping on some websites that are powered by Drupal.

After we've set the tone for what Drupal really is we dive in to a fresh installation and i will tell you how things are supposed to be done (do not hack core!).
With the help of a sandbox installation of a Drupal version I will show you the most important modules to use, where to place all your stuff and how you can make things
look great without writing a single line of code.

Who is it for?

People interested in getting to know Drupal, how to set up their own Drupal site the good way, or people that have to finish a website project this weekend and have not started yet.


Day: 2011-08-21
Start time: 17:45
Duration: 01:00
Track: Web


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