Lecture: Javascript Audio APIs - Let's make some noise!

The current state of Javascript Audio APIs for realtime audio processing


Javascript Audio APIs are one of the last frontiers in replacing "things only possible with Flash". This talk will show the current state of standardisation (or the lack thereof) and implementation (or the lack thereof).

Firefox 4 put a solid stake in the ground by being the first production ready browser that allows for realtime audio processing via Javascript APIs. The AudioData API may be crude, but it's working and people (including me) already built great things with it.

The Chrome team, on the other hand, is currently testing a more sophisticated, graph based API, which is, sadly, only available in beta- and dev-channels and sometimes crashes horribly.

This talk will start with a quick look at the APIs (which are mostly simple and boring) and then will show lots of code examples on how to use this API to do crazy stuff with it. Also, it'll talk about the applications of these APIs, the applicability in a possibly "slow" language like javascript and for all those that are not as fortunate as those who can run Firefox 4 or a Chrome beta build, I'll also show how to fall back to the beloved Flash.


Day: 2011-08-20
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 01:00
Track: JavaScript



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