Lecture: How to create the next generation GUI toolkit and build a community along the way


The Qt Toolkit has been constantly evolving towards openness. Starting as a commercial toolkit, the QPL licensing option was added in Version 2.0. Later, it was made available under the term of the GPL and when Nokia bought Trolltech, Qt was released under the LGPL and the source code repositories were opened up. Finally last year the Qt Contribution Model, a way to allow everyone to submit patches to Qt, was added on top.

However, the roadmapping, design and core-development still today pretty much only driven by Qt developers at Nokia, also referred to as "the Trolls", even though Qt has become a vital part of several Open Source projects, such as KDE or MeeGo.

This talk will present the next step in Qt's road towards a real open source project - the Open Governance Model, which will effectively allow anyone to participate on the development of Qt on an equal basis. The talk also will discuss the outcome of several very important discussions during the first Qt Contributors summit, which is meant to bootstrap common ways of working and to allow for initial community building.

The recently announced Qt 5 will another important focus of this talk, detailing on the potential of the next step of Qt development and it's potential in the congregating Desktop, Mobile and Embedded space as well as the challenges that such development bears. It will reflect the state of planning and development on hot topic such as V8-support for QML, GLGS-Shader support, and the lighthouse platform abstraction layer, which improves the time and effort to port Qt to a new platform dramatically and brings Qt to Wayland and Android.


Day: 2011-08-20
Start time: 15:15
Duration: 01:00
Track: Mobile


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