Lecture: Diazo & plone.app.theming – Website Theming with a snap

The new revolutionary website theming story for Plone


With Plone 4.1 you can create your Website Design as a simple static HTML-Theme and drop it in via a handy zip-package. The Diazo technology uses XSLT-transformations to map the theme to Plone without touching the CMS business logic and is suitable for other web technologies as well.

The talk shows how revolution & evolution of a mature Open Source Project like Plone can still drive new approaches and attract new developers and target groups to the project. After focusing having the best migration story in the last years, Plone is again knocking the doors of website theming (Diazo), easy content type creation (Dexterity) and drag & drop layout through the web (Deco).

With Diazo designers can work live with the static HTML-Theme files and integrators can map nearly every existing or new theme (i.e. WordPress themes etc.) to Plone content or if necessary to other webservices to have a smooth constant look of the different sources. The configuration is mostly limited to creation of a single human readable XML Rule-File.

Splitting the process of theming and content creation in parallel tasks makes fast launches easy and fun for the team. Impress your project partners with a fast and flexible solution for tight schedules.

The talk gives a quick overview of the technology and the use cases. One point is the new plone.app.theming module for Plone that allows for drop in of themes with one single ZIP-compressed package containing the static HTML theme and the rule file configuration.

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Day: 2011-08-20
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 00:30
Track: Python



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