Lecture: Breaking the database type barrier: replicating across different DBMS

Flexible heterogeneous replication using open source Tungsten Replicator


Sharing data between different DBMS types is an inevitable need in Today's diverse IT environments. Need for real-time data integration, seamless migration and data warehousing are the main reasons driving demand for heterogenous replication. In this talk we'll review how open source Tungsten Replicator can replicate data in real-time between databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB and others. Join us for this both technical and enlightening talk.

We'll cover fundamental steps behind configuring heterogeneous replication, the importance of transaction transforming filters and common challenges rising when replicating cross DBMS-type. We'll conclude with in-line demos to show you how it looks in action.


Day: 2011-08-20
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:00
Track: Open Database Camp



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