Lecture: Plasma Active

Mobilizing the Free desktop


Plasma Active is a KDE project aiming at creating a desirable and complete user experience for a new class of devices. In his presentation, concepts and technology of Plasma Active are explained. The audience will also be treated on a demo showing Plasma Active's core set of features and applications.

In a mobile world that is dominated by Android and iOS, community-based operating systems are reduced to providers of middleware, but fail to transport the dynamics, community involvement and excitement of Linux on the desktop. The Plasma Active team has set out to bring the full power of a community-developed operating system to a new class of devices. Plasma Active's first release takes the traditional Freedesktop stack and creates a complete system for mobile devices such as tablet computers for them. Plasma Active offers an innovative, intuitive and visually attractive new ways of interacting with your digital environment, along with new development processes to meet the expectation of end-users.

Plasma Active bases on powerful frameworks such as KDE's Plasma libraries and the Nepomuk semantic desktop framework, bringing these features to a spectrum of devices.

In his presentation, you get a first-class introduction to Plasma Active, learn about its technologies and processes, and how you can get it running on your device. The presentation will be spiced up with a number of demonstrations showing how the Active team envisions interaction with devices, the web, social networks and content. You will also learn how traditional use cases of the PC translate to these new devices, and how Active devices blend in with your PC and laptop usage.


Day: 2011-08-20
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:00
Track: Mobile



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